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Learn How To Set Up Your Online Business, Rebrand Products As Your Own and Resell Them Over & Over While Earning 100% Of The Profits!

Learn and Earn Profits Online


One time payment,

lifetime access!

Payment Plans Available!

One time payment, lifetime access!

Payment Plans Available!

**Digital Products Only**

Program Details

  • 18+ Individual Modules & Growing
  • 240+ Individual Lessons & Growing
  • 44+ Recorded Live Client Meetings
  • Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Study at your own pace

  • Live sessions with experts
  • Forum and downloadable materials
  • Networking events every year
  • Building an online Strategy
  • Using Social Media
  • Improving your sales process
  • Branding

This program is for…

Restless professionals of any background

who want to combine their skillset with digital marketing to build their own business.

Motivated careerists

perhaps looking for a change in direction or growth within their current organization.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

pursuing the inspiration and tools they need to launch a business.

Even Beginners

that have no skills, but want to be their own boss!

Act Now To Start Your Online Business!

The best time to get started building your online business is right now. If you do nothing, 6 months from now you'll still be in the same place and situation you are in right now. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith.

I did! Guess what?

In less than 30 days we were able to fully set up our online business from scratch, all thanks to the step-by-step digital marketing course.

And now we are starting a second business so we will both have a stream of income to ensure that we always have income in case of an emergency.

What business management skills will you acquire?

  • Business Strategy

Get a customized strategy tailored to your needs to propel your business plans and goals. Not everyone will take the same course of action for their busines. Each niche requires a different approach.

  • Entrepreneurship

You will learn what it takes to shift your mindset so you can rise to the level of management. Becoming your own boss isn't as easy as it sounds.

  • Leadership

Becoming the boss comes with the responsibilities of leading those who come behind you toward the same goals you are trying to reach as well. Integrity is an extemely important part of that so that future clients retain the reputation you have built around the digital marketing business.

  • Scaling and Growth

Learn how to scale and grow your business using social media, content strategy and branding. Growing your email list is important for moving forward quickly. You don't need a huge following, just persistent promotion.

  • Automation

Discover the secrets to automating your business, allowing it to run non-stop 24/7 so you can make money even when you are not working!

  • Branding

Branding yourself is an important skill that allows you to build a reputation that surpasses others and becomes a familiar name that people trust to turn to.

Learn and Earn Profits



Our step-by-step course will guide you through the process of setting up an online business from scratch, scaling and growing your business using free traffic and putting your work on auto pilot so you can enjoy the better parts of living a laptop lifestyle.

Here’s what our students say...

I'm flying with happiness 😄

I'm flying with happiness 😄

"Hi, I'm Alisan. I am a 33-year-old father of 2 children. I took this training from outside the U.S. and started to promote training by opening a new account in instagram. I made sales in my first week 💵 I've decided and I'm quitting my 9-to-5 job this week 🎉 thank you 🙏"

Best course & community out there

Best course & community

out there

"Learn & Earn Profits is changing the online space! I was able to truly own and set up my very own online business with this guided beginner friendly step by step COMPLETE digital marketing course.

The course itself is mind blowing, the fact that has Master Resell Rights attached which allows you to earn 100% Profit is just a huge perk to an already phenomenal course.

It has taught me everything from branding myself, content creation, email marketing, how to set up payment plans straight to my own bank account, funnel building, platforms to market on and includes a solid community that is full of rockstars from all walks of life.

It has shown me that there are still good people left in this world that truly want to help one another and see each other succeed….. Thanks to Learn & Earn Profits Online I am passionate once again!"

This course is in demand!

Course in demand!

"I didn’t know if this would really work or if it was even something people would want, all i knew was that *i* wanted it and wanted to learn the skills to make a course successful!! (I plan on creating one soon) turns out, this course is in demand and all those ladies on IG reels weren’t lying. 😂"

First sale!

First sale!

"I officially launched 3 days ago (august 5th) & got my first sale today (august 8th). Started all new socials from scratch too🥳"

Why Do You Need This Class?

Our Course Leads You Step-By-Step To Set-Up Your Business From Scratch So You Don't Have To Pay Someone $1000s To Build It For You!
  • Complete Ownership Over This Course
  • Download Videos For Complete Control
  • Join Lifetime Community: 12,000+ Members & Growing
  • Get 1-1 Calls With A Mentor Within The Community
  • Ask Questions 24/7 Within The Course Community
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Enjoy No Monthly Fees
  • Celebrate No Upsells EVER!
  • Earn 100% Of The Profits
  • Participate In Monthly Community Calls For Extended Content Strategy Help

However, you don't need this class if you love researching for hours, watching tons of "how to" videos, reading countless books on the subject and learning by trial and error. Anyone with this kind of tenacity can get there on their own, but it's going to be a long hard road and it may cost you much more in the end. You would have all of the accolades of being self made, but you may have to keep your day job until it pays you back before you can start to reap the rewards.

If you don't have that kind of time, why not follow those who went before you and figured it all out so you don't have to? I promise you doing it yourself will lead you down rabbit holes that will cost you thousands and you can ask anyone that has done it. Join our team of professionals today!

Take A

Look At The

Full Program Content:

Module 1: Where Do You Start?

1. Welcome To Learn & Earn Profits

2. How To Use Skool

3. How To Use Skool Calendar

4. How To Adjust Your Experience

5. What Now?

6. How To Explain MRR

7. What To Do If You Make A Sale For This Course

Module 2: Master Resell Rights Details

1. Distribution Rights To This Product

2. Terms And Conditions

3. Privacy Policy

4. Income Disclosure Statement

5. Master Resell Rights Certificate

Module 3: Intro To Digital Marketing

1. Introduction

2. Mission, Vision, Core Values

3. Social Media, The Giant!

4. Importance Of Creating Your Target Audience

5. Understanding The Importance Of Branding

Module 4: Build Your Sales Process With Systeme.IO

1. Pick Your Business Name

2. How To Make A Logo

3. Buying Your Domain & Email From GoDaddy

4. Overview Of Systeme.IO Part 1

5. Overview Of Systeme.IO Part 2

6. How To Connect Your Domail & Email To Systeme.IO

7. Connecting Namecheap to Systeme.io

8. How To Set Up Systeme.IO Account

9. How To Edit The Squeeze Page

10. How To Edit The Info Page

11. How To Create A Footer & Favicon

12. How To Edit Info Page Course Descriptions

13. Optimizing Funnel Pages For Mobile View

14. How To Optimize Your Sales Process

15. Sales Page Example

16. Connecting Your Domain To Your Funnel

17. Import Your Legal Funnel Into Systeme.IO

18. How To Embed Your legal Docs In Footer

19. How To Add your SEO & Meta Data In Funnel

20 Creating Your Stripe Account

21. How To Link To Stripe

22. How To Link To PayPal

23. How To Edit The Order Form

24. How To Add Monthly Payments In Systeme.IO

25. How To Add Payment Options With Stripe

26. Adding Afterpay To Stripe

27. Making A Master Resell Right Certificate

28. How To Find Your Own Invite Link

29. How To Edit The Thank You Page

30. How To Check your Stats & Sales

31. How To Add In Testimonials

32. How To Add in FAQ Section

33. How To Use Systeme.IO For Multiple Products

34. How To Change Your MRR Squeeze Page

35. How To Create A Course Mockup In Canva

36. How To Cancel A Subscription & Send An Invoice

37. Physical Products With Systeme.IO

38. How To Redirect Your Domain Without WWW In GoDaddy

39. Funnel Saving Error-Need At Least One EMAIL Input

40. How To Fix Your 404 error Message

41. How To Add In Your Legal Footer

42. How To Create Your Own Legal Links

43. Let's Link Our Domains

44. How To Buy A Domain

45. How To Add In The Distribution Rights

46. How To Embed Your Legal Docs In Your Page

47. How To link Your Domain To Your Funnel

48. How To Edit The Thank You Page

Module 5: Email Marketing

1. How To Create An Email Campaign

2. How To Create Emails For Your Email Campaigns

3. Email Templates-Using Chat GPT

4. How To Schedule Your Emails

5. Add A Tag

6. How To Set Up An Automation

7. How To Track Your Leads

8. How To Remove A Tag

9. How To Add Contacts To Campaign Manually

10. How To Create A Newsletter

11. Setting Up Your Email With Your Domain

12. How To Change Your DNS Settings

13. How To Set Up Emails With Google Domains

Module 6: Building Your Sale Process With Click Funnels

1. How To Create Your Funnel Steps

2. How To Edit the Squeeze Page

3. How To Edit The Sales Page

4. How To Edit Info Page With Course Description

5. How To Optimize Your Sales Page

6. How To Optimize Your Funnel For Mobile View

7. What Does A Finished Sales/Info Page Look Like?

8. How To Set Up Your Legal Docs Funnel

9. How To Embed Legal Links In Your Footer

10. Let's Link Our Domain To Clickfunnels

11. How To Update Your SEO Meta Data

12. How To Link To Stripe

13. Connecting Your PayPal To Clickfunnels

14. Adding A Product To Your Order Page

15. How To Edit Your Order Page

16. How To Edit Your Thank You Page

17. How To Check Your Funnel Stats

18. How To Add A Pop-Up Box

19. Testing Your Funnel

20 How To Add Your Email Autoresponder

21. Misc Settings Inside Your Funnel

Module 7: Content Strategy

1. Mastering Your Branding Marketing Message

2. Three Content Buckets-Choose One

3. Concise Messaging

4. Documentation Vs Creation

5. Tonality

6. Do's & Don'ts

7. Claims Of Income Vs. Success Content

8. The Why

9. The What

10. The How

11. Google

12. Keyword Research

13. Good Hooks (PDF)

14. Mindset On Views

15. Text On Screen

16. Value Of Story-Telling Content

17. How To Build Trust With Your Audience

18. Plan Your Content

Module 8: Platforms To Market On

1. Facebook Intro

2. How To Remove Background Of Photos For FB Banner

3. How To Make The Banner In Canva

4. How To Upload Your Banner On Facebook

5. How To Make Short Form Eye Catching Facebook Posts

6. How To Make Long Form Written Content On Facebook

7. How To Find Your Target Audience On Facebook

8. The Importance Of Stories On Facebook

9. How To Bulk Create Social Content w/Canva & Chat GPT

10 Webinar You can Share

11. Facebook Groups

12. Facebook Business Pages

13. How To Post A Free Ad On Craigslist

14. TikTok-Optimize Your Profile

15. How To Edit your Profile

16. How To make A TikTok Video

17. Power Of A Pinned Post

18. How To SEO Your Content

19. How To Determine If Your Content is Optimized

20 How To Use Hashtags

21. How To Bulk Creat TikTok Videos w/Canva & Chat GPT

22. TikTok Chat GPT Prompts

23. How To Download Your TikToks Without The Watermark

24. How To Repurpose To Other Platforms Manually

25. Use Repurpose.IO To Automate Your Content

26. Instagram Profile

27. Powerful Teasers

28. 3 Step Technique

29. Tip & Dip

30. Content Do's & Don'ts

31. CTA's

32. Keywords

33. IG Acct Settings

34. Audio Strategy

35. Engagement Strategy

36. DM Strategy

37. DM Conversation

38. IG Stories

39. How To Create A Story

40. IG Insights

41. Checking IG Insights

42 Monthly Evaluations

43. Revenue Generating Activites

Module 9: Branding Expansion

1. Branding Basics

2. Strategic Roadmap

3. Part 1-How To Build Your Marketing Plan

4. Part 2-How To Build Your Marketing Plan

5. Part 3-How To Build Your Marketing Plan

6. Target Audience Vs Target market Vs Buyer Persona

7. Target Market Creation

8. Buyer Persona Creation

9. Logo Vs Brand

10 Color Communication

11. Mastering the Skill

12. Step By Step Marketing Plan Checklist

Module 10: Business Tools

1. Notion

2. Loom & How To Use Calendy

3. How to Set Up A Linktree Site

4. How To Set UP Beacons for Your Link In Bio

5. How To Use Pensight For Your Products/Services

6. Setting Up Your Own LLC Business Formation

7. Daily Action Plan

8. Open A.I.

9. Pick Your Stan Store Design

10. Adding An Affiliate Link

11. How To Add A Digital Product

12. Email flows

13. Stan Features

14. Canva

15. Profile Picture Maker

16. Coolors

17. Pexels

18. Figma

Module 11: Chat GPT Masterclass

1. Introduction To The Tutorial Masterclass

2. Chat GPT Conversation Conventions

3. Google Talk To Books

4. Chat GPT Workaround For Up To Date Statistical Info

5. Choosing A Sales Letter Framework

6. Chat GPT-Ask For Image Prompts

7. Canva Text To Image For Chat GPT Sales Presentation

8. Use Chat GPT To Write Headlines & Sub-Headlines

9. Chat GPT Thank You Pafe Script

10. Launch Emails To Customers

11. Chat GPT launch Emails To Affiliates

12. Chat GPT Script For A Sales Video

13. A.I. With Powerpoint Presentation Coach

14. A.I. With Powerpoint-Design & Accessibilty

15. Chat GPT-Write a Welcome Email

16. Chat GPT Suggest A Layout & Order For Sales Page

17. Chat GPT Suggests Colors & Background For Sales Page

18. Chat GPT Earnings Disclaimer

19. Chat GPT Creates The Copy For The Optin Page

20 Chat GPT-Creates The Optin Email With Sales Message

21. Distribution Rights For This Product

Module 12: Google Productivity Hacks

1. Google Classroom

2. Voice Typing With Google Docs

3. YouTube Transcripts

4. Gmail External Hacks & Voice Management

5. Gmail Internal Productivity Hacks

6. Google Calendar Hacks

7. Google Calendar-Multiple Calendars

8. Google Docs Basics & MS Word Import

9. Use Google Docs To Edit A PDF

10. Use Google Docs In Real Time Chat & Uber Conference

11. Collaborate With Google Docs & Spreadsheets

12. Collaborate With Google Slides

13. Collaborate With Google Drive

14. Collaborate & Collect Info With Google Forms

15. Manage Tasks & Projects With Google Keep

16. Collaborate With Google Hangouts

17. Using YouTube Live Streaming For Collaboration

18. Get More Communication Options With Google Voice

19. Using Google Docs Offline

20 G-Suite Apllications-Paid

21. Distribution Rights For This Module

Module 13: Affiliate Marketing

1. Getting Strated With Affiliate Marketing

2. Applying For Affiliate marketing Programs

3. The Affiliate Marketing Funnel

4. Creating Content For Affiliate Products

Module 14: Passion Building

1. Introduction

2. Business Opportunites

3. Market Growth Rate

4. Market Growth Rate Calculations

5. Profit Margins

6. Market Opportunity

7. Pros & Cons List

8. Investment Costs

9. Mission & Vision

10. Final Cross Off

11. Final Questions

Module 15: Ultimate Content Vault

1. Videos/Reels Ideas

2. FB/IG Stories Templates

3. Inspiration/Quote Templates

4. Test/Photo Idea Templates

5. Viral Engagement Questions

6. Engagement Post Templates

7. Hot 🔥 Headline Formula

8. Pinterest Pin Templates

Module 16: Books For Entrepreneurs

1. Finding Your Niche

2. Time Management

3. Top Bloggers Secrets

4. Social Media Marketing

Module 17: Recorded Meeting Calls

1. Monday Q&A Calls

2. TikTok Tuesdays

3. Wednesday Workshops

4. Funnel Fridays

5. Other Value Trainings

Module 18: Creating Your Own Course & Community

1. Creating Your Own Course On Systeme.IO

2. Creating Your Own Course Using Skool

3. Creating Your Own Course Using Facebook

Module 19: Downloaded Course Files

1. Downloaded Course Files Link

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